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Newsbreak 10/12/18

Disckonnection* is back this weekend- I’m also in ‘Disco on the Rocks’ with DJ Chocolate & ‘Tea Time Radio’ with Ghostman, Dr Dubhead & Stanhope. Remember… all this is happening on Ambush Radio

Note: Scroll down for weekday schedule.

Weekend zone’ (Fri, Sat & Sun):

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‘Disco on the Rocks’ with DJ Chocolate & DJ Dis©konnect: 15.00-17.00 GR Time/13.00-15.00 UK/World. Description: ‘Let me put it this way… the Pope is a Catholic but this is not Disco’- DJ Inferno (Disco Expert)

It’s time to drop out of reality & start listening to Ambush Radio!

Tea-Time Radio: 17.00-18.00 GR Time/15.00-16.00 UK/World. Description: DJ Dis©konnect, Ghostman, Dr. Dubhead & Stanhope present ‘Tea-Time Radio’ Vol 44. This one’s a result of further collaboration between Ambush Radio & Radiokombinat Berlin for the sake of our listeners.

‘Dubhead’ with Dr. Dubhead from Berlin: 18.00-19.00 GR Time/16.00-17.00 UK Time/World. Description: Top class Deep Dub from dubmaster Dr. Dubhead

Stay Tuned!

‘Budenzauber Sessions’: 19.00-21.00 GR Time/17.00-19.00 UK/World. Description: Budenzauber is produced by k.e.r.l., a Berlin based musician & Radio J. His sessions are also accommodated by local alternative radio stations on FM- he mixes a wide range of music genres ranging from Rock to Electronic. Enjoy 😉

‘Random Drops’: 21.00-22.00 GR Time/19.00-20.00 UK/World. Description: These are random mixes depending on Dis©konnect’s mood.

Turn it up- don’t touch that dial!

*’Disckonnection’ with DJ Dis©konnect: 22.00-00.00 GR Time/20.00-22.00 UK/World. Urban mix of Dub, Garage Rock, Punk, Indie, Hip-Hop and electronic served raw ^_^

‘Dubhead’ with Dr Dubhead from Berlin: 00.00-01.00 GR Time/22.00-23.00 UK/World. Description: Here’s some more top class Deep Dub from ‘Dr. Dubhead’ Dubheads stay tuned!

‘Radiokombinat’ with Ghostdriver, Budenzauber & Sir Frank: 01.00-03.00 GR Time/23.00-01.00 UK/World. ‘Radiokombinat’ has been accommodated by a number of alternative stations in Berlin for the last 20 years. It’s now also being hosted on ‘Ambush Radio’ in its current formation. Description: ‘Radiokombinat is an ‘upscale entertainment show’ as described by its own makers. It is in German language, so if your German isn’t great then just listen to the music 😉 Genres range from very old stuff to funk, soul, rock, ska, punk… you name it!

Stay tuned & enjoy!


Ambush Radio Crew

Weekday schedule

Alternative Zone (Monday to Thursday):

Ambush Radio

For different Time Zones: World Clock


Blue Monday Party

Tea-Time Radio: 20.00-21.00 GR Time/18.00-19.00 UK, Urban Vibes Collective: 21.00-23.00 GR Time/19.00-21.00 UK, Radiokombinat Berlin 23.00-01.00 GR Time/21.00-23.00 UK, ‘DJ AL Ex’: 01.00-03.00 GR/23.00-01.00 UK.


DJ SMT: 20.00-21.00 GR Time/18.00-19.00 UK, DJ Dis©konnect: ‘Random Drops’: 21.00-22.00 GR/19.00-20.00 UK, Skybaba: 22.00-01.00 GR/20.00-23.00 UK.


DJ Chocolate & DJ Dis©konnect: ‘Disco on the Rocks’: 16.00-18.00 GR /14.00-16.00 UK, DJ Chocolate: 18.00-20.00 GR/16.00-18.00 UK, DJ Dis©konnect: ‘Disckonnection’: 20.00-22.00 GR/18.00-20.00 UK, DJ Dis©konnect: ‘Soul Asylum’: 22.00-23.00 GR/20.00-21.00 UK, Radiokombinat Berlin: 23.00-01.00 GR/21.00-23.00 UK, ‘Budenzauber Sessions‘: 01.00-03.00 GR/23.00-01.00 UK.


DJ Chocolate & DJ Dis©konnect ‘Disco on the Rocks’: 16.00-18.00 GR Time/14.00-16.00 UK, DJ Chocolate: 18.00-20.00 GR Time/16.00-18.00 UK, DJ Dis©konnect ‘Disckonnection’: 20.00-22.00 GR/18.00-20.00 UK, Urban Vibes Collective: 22.00-00.00 GR/20.00-22.00 UK, Tea Time Radio: 00.00-01.00 GR/22.00-23.00 UK, Skybaba: 01.00-04.00 GR/23.00-02.00 UK.

Stay Tuned & Enjoy!

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Ambush Radio Crew


Alternative Zone Radio Js

I’d like to introduce you to the ‘Alternative Zone’ Radio Js on Ambush Radio. They are all unique & devoted to their styles. Here they are in random order: Skybaba, DJ SMT, Radiokombinat Berlin, Dr Dubhead & DJ AL Ex.

More details:

Skybaba is a former urbanite that is now living on the islands- he’s been involved with a number of FM stations in the past & has always been popular amongst radio crews & listeners alike. It’s widely known within certain music circles that he collaborated with DJ Dis©connect in a different place & time when both DJs were still on FM. According to stories I’ve heard… it was a great collaboration!  It’s a pleasure to have him in the ‘Alternative Zone’ on Ambush Radio.
His style is a mixture of Electronic, Dub & Ethnic sounds- he never gets influenced by trends or any kind of ‘guidelines’. He’s a real McCoy!

DJ SMT is a teenage DJ from London who’s got her own mind. Her style ranges from Indie to Grunge- she plays the guitar really well & also happens to be great cartoonist.

Radiokombinat Berlin is a Berlin based Radio J collective & in its current formation consists of four Radio Js. Radiokombinat is a popular radio show with indie stations in Berlin & other German cities & is now in the ‘Alternative Zone’ on Ambush Radio.

As Radiokombinat is 20 years old now, I’d like to say… Happy Birthday Radiokombinat!  (The text’s in German- use Google Translate if you get stuck)

Dr Dubhead– you can tell by the description… he’s a Dubhead from Berlin. He’s also a great musician & an artist & happens to be a friend of mine. Currently, Dubhead is simultaneously a member of Radiokombinat Berlin under a different DJ name.

DJ AL Ex– call him a seeker. DJ AL Ex likes diving into the roots & history of certain musical styles & he’s very good at it. Up till now he’s done two Funky productions about ‘Go Go’ & New Orleans funk, dedications on Prince & Bowie with rare stuff from both artists & a trip to India with ‘Bollywood Funk’ & ‘Crazy Music from India’. The latter has to do with the impact the 60s had on domestic Indian music- no need to tell you that he’s a friend of mine as well.

DJ Dis©connect- unlike other people & contrary to current trends…  I don’t like talking about myself- I’ll get someone else to describe me at some point.
Anyway, all I can say is that I’ve been involved with the radio (FM) since I was a teenager & here’s what I’m doing right now: ‘currently, my main program is called ‘Dis©konnection’. It’s a two hour Urban mix of Dub, Garage Rock, Punk, Indie, Hip-Hop and Electronic & it’s hosted on Ambush Radio in the ‘Alternative Zone’ aka ‘Weekend Zone’. I’m also responsible for ‘Random Drops’ & ‘Soul Asylum’ both hosted on Ambush as well’

Finally, I’d like to say thanks to George Tsokos the owner of Ambush Radio for accommodating us &  Anna Maria Krause for doing a lot of work behind the scenes- put some beer in the fridge guys cos… if everything goes well, you’re going to see me soon 🙂

DJ Dis©konnect

Urban Vibes Collective

‘Urban Vibes Collective’ is a fresh DJ collaboration which aims to reflect the urban vibes of London & Berlin through music & deliver the final product raw & uncut to you… our listeners 😉
‘UVC’ Vol. 2 is designed to land on Ambush Radio at 22.00-00.00 GR Time/20.00-22.00 UK Time/World & it’s going to be on Fri, Sat & Sun at the same time.

Tune in & stay tuned!

DJ Dis©konnect, Dr. Dubhead

Disco on the Rocks

All the way from Rebelos pirate radio to Ambush RadioDJ Dis©konnect & DJ Chocolate join forces once again in an attempt to redefine the sounds in this here current environment.

“There is no doubt that the Pope is a Catholic but… this is not Disco” DJ Inferno (Disco Expert)

‘Disco on the Rocks’ will be with you every  single day of the weekend on Ambush Radio (15.00-17.00 GR Time/13.00-15.00 UK/World)

Stay Tuned!

Tea Time Radio Vol. 16

It’s summertime & you’re sitting there thinking… what do I want now? Do I want coffee? Do I want beer? Do I want some Iced Tea instead? Well… that’s what you’re getting anyway 😀

Tea Time Radio Vol. 16 has been designed to hit your cyber dial every single day of the weekend as usual (17.00-18.00 GR Time/ 15.00-16.00 UK Time/ World) Fri, Sat & Sun on Ambush Radio

Don’t miss it- be there 😉

Dr Dubhead, DJ Dis©konnect, Ghostdriver


Tea Time Radio Vol. 11

Tea was getting a bit cold so we had to heat the pot once again & produce ‘Tea Time Radio Vol. 11’- here’s your chance for a fresh cuppa brought to you by DJ Dis©konnect, Ghostdriver & Dr. Dubhead on Ambush Radio.

This is a result of close collaboration between Ambush Radio & Radiokombinat Berlin- we’ll be with you all weekend: (17.00-18.00 GR Time/ 15.00-16.00 UK Time, World) Fri, Sat & Sun

Don’t touch that dial!

DJ Dis©konnect, Ghostdriver, Dr. Dubhead