Listening post

From now on the ‘Listening Post’ will be strictly dedicated to live streaming. If you want to check the weekly & weekend schedule for Dis©konnection*, Random Drops* & Soul Asylum* plus news & updates about  the ‘Alternative’ & ‘Weekend’ Zones look here.

Like us on Facebook. It costs nothing & shows your appreciation to us DJs for doing all this for free- DJ Dis©konnect

*My main program is called ‘Dis©konnection’– it’s a two hour Urban mix of Dub, Garage Rock, Punk, Indie, Hip-Hop and Electronic & it’s hosted on ‘Ambush Radio’ in the ‘Alternative Zone’

Here’s a few words about the rest:

*Random Drops is a result of mixes dedicated to one style or many styles depending on… the weather- call it moody 😉
*Soul Asylum has a lot of Soul in it but switches to the Blues, 50s Rock’n’Roll, Funk & Reggae- don’t be surprised if you notice a bit of Ska & Rare Groove at times.

DJ Dis©konnect


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