Tea-Time Radio Vol. 10

Tea-Time Radio started as an one off collaboration between Ghostdriver (Radiokombinat) & DJ Dis©konnect (Ambush) but it went on- then Dr. Dubhead joined next & now… we are proud to present ‘Tea-Time Radio Vol. 10’! Ten is a round number; we’ve got every reason to celebrate 😉
Don’t miss Tea-Time Vol. 10– this is a special edit coming to your cyber dial this weekend (17.00-18.00 GR Time/ 15.00-16.00 UK Time/World) Fri, Sat & Sun

Dr. Dubhead, DJ Dis©konnect, Ghostdriver




Tea-Time Radio Vol. 9

Whoever thought there was no more Tea was wrong… Tea-Time Radio goes on- Vol. 9 has been designed to hit your cyber dial this coming weekend (17.00-18.00 GR Time/ 15.00-16.00 UK Time/World) Fri, Sat & Sun. Listen

Tea-Time Radio is a result of collaboration between Ambush Radio & Radiokombinat Berlin.

Stay Tuned!

Dr. Dubhead , Ghostdriver , DJ Dis©konnect

Tea-Time Radio Vol. 6

Not to be missed…

Tea-Time Radio 6 has been designed to hit your cyber dial this coming weekend (17.00-18.00 GR Time/15.00-16.00 UK Time/World (Fri,Sat,Sun))- the collaboration has expanded. Apart from DJ Dis©connect & Ghostdriver we are glad to announce that Dr. Dubhead has now joined the crew.

Dig the soundz!

DJ Dis©connect, Ghostdriver, Dr. Dubhead

Streaming: link: Ambush Radio

London Venues Part 2

As promised, random posts about important London venues under the ‘Roots & Culture’ section are bound to continue… ‘Brixton Academy’ is one of the most important live music venues in London & can’t be missed: Info– it’s been around as a music venue since 1983 & has accommodated a huge amount of artists (ranging from Bob Dylan to Debbie Harry, The Clash, New Order & Leftfield- just to mention a few) & it’s still going strong under the name O2 Academy, Brixton: Home Page…but most people still call it ‘Brixton Academy’.
It’s an amazing Art Deco auditorium & worth checking out if your favourite band happens to be playing there live when visiting London.
Here’s a video which is going to help put you in the picture- apart from enjoying J5, you’ll be able to see what the venue looks like from the street as well as the inside: