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Newsbreak 29/06/20

It’s summertime & we’re now officially switching to ‘Summer mode‘.

My Summer Seesions* will be on your cyber dial till the beginning of September! I’m also in Tea Time Radio along with Ghostman, Dr Dubhead & Stanhope. Don’t forget to check out the rest of my fellow DJs cos they’ve got a lot of top quality stuff up their sleeves too & remember… all this is happening on Ambush Radio.

Note: Scroll down for weekday schedule.

Summer schedule

Weekend zone (Fri, Sat & Sun):

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‘Summer of Dub’ with Dr Dubhead: 15.00-17.00 GR/14.00-16.00 CET/13.00-15.00 UK/World. Here’s some top class breezy Dub for chilling purposes served by our Dub specialist Dr Dubhead – miss it not 👌

It’s time to drop out of reality & start listening to Ambush Radio

Tea Time Radio: 17.00-18.00 GR/16.00-17.00 CET/15.00-16.00 UK/World. Description: DJ Dis©konnect, Ghostman, Dr. Dubhead & Stanhope present Tea Time Radio Vol 67. This one’s a result of further collaboration between Ambush Radio & Radiokombinat Berlin for the sake of our listeners.

Stay Tuned!

‘The Series’ with Skybaba: 18.00-21.00 GR Time/17.00-20.00 CET/16.00-19.00 UK/World. Description: Electronic Tunes mixed with rare ethnic sounds from a former urbanite that is now living on the islands- Enjoy ^_^

Turn it up- don’t touch that dial!

*Summer Sessions with DJ Dis©konnect: 21.00-00.00 GR Time/20.00-23.00 CET/19.00-22.00 UK/World. Description: The usual mix of Dub, Rock, Hip-Hop & Electronic with a cool & breezy rising sign- do not miss 😎

‘Dubhead’ with Dr Dubhead from Berlin: 00.00-01.00 GR/23.00-00.00 CET/22.00-23.00 UK/World. Description: Here’s some more top class Deep Dub from ‘Dr Dubhead’ Dubheads stay tuned!

‘Radiokombinat’ with Ghostdriver, Budenzauber & Sir Frank: 01.00-03.00 GR/00.00-02.00 CET/23.00-01.00 UK/World. ‘Radiokombinat’ has been accommodated by a number of alternative stations in Berlin for the last 20 years. It’s now also being hosted on ‘Ambush Radio’ in its current formation. Description: ‘Radiokombinat is an ‘upscale entertainment show’ as described by its own makers. It is in German language, so if your German isn’t great then just listen to the music 😉 Genres range from very old stuff to funk, soul, rock, ska, punk… you name it!

Stay tuned & enjoy!

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Alternative Zone (Monday to Thursday):

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For different Time Zones: World Clock


Blue Monday Party

Tea-Time Radio: 20.00-21.00 GR Time/18.00-19.00 UK, Urban Vibes Collective: 21.00-23.00 GR Time/19.00-21.00 UK, Radiokombinat Berlin 23.00-01.00 GR Time/21.00-23.00 UK, ‘DJ AL Ex’: 01.00-03.00 GR/23.00-01.00 UK.


DJ SMT: 20.00-21.00 GR Time/18.00-19.00 UK, DJ Dis©konnect: ‘Random Drops’: 21.00-22.00 GR/19.00-20.00 UK, Skybaba: 22.00-01.00 GR/20.00-23.00 UK.


DJ Chocolate & DJ Dis©konnect: ‘Disco on the Rocks’: 16.00-18.00 GR /14.00-16.00 UK, DJ Chocolate: 18.00-20.00 GR/16.00-18.00 UK, DJ Dis©konnect: ‘Disckonnection’: 20.00-22.00 GR/18.00-20.00 UK, DJ Dis©konnect: ‘Soul Asylum’: 22.00-23.00 GR/20.00-21.00 UK, Radiokombinat Berlin: 23.00-01.00 GR/21.00-23.00 UK, ‘Budenzauber Sessions‘: 01.00-03.00 GR/23.00-01.00 UK.


DJ Chocolate & DJ Dis©konnect ‘Disco on the Rocks’: 16.00-18.00 GR Time/14.00-16.00 UK, DJ Chocolate: 18.00-20.00 GR Time/16.00-18.00 UK, DJ Dis©konnect ‘Disckonnection’: 20.00-22.00 GR/18.00-20.00 UK, Urban Vibes Collective: 22.00-00.00 GR/20.00-22.00 UK, Tea Time Radio: 00.00-01.00 GR/22.00-23.00 UK, Skybaba: 01.00-04.00 GR/23.00-02.00 UK.

Stay Tuned & Enjoy!

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