Tea-Time Radio Vol. 5

Tea-time Radio Vol. 5’ has been designed to hit your cyber dial this coming weekend. This is a result of further collaboration between DJ Dis©konnect (Ambush Radio) & Ghostdriver (Radiokombinat Berlin)- 17.00-18.00 GR Time/15.00-16.00 UK Time/World (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Tea-Time Radio 4

The 4th episode of ‘Tea-time Radio’ will be on your cyber dial this coming weekend- this is a result of another collaboration between DJ Dis©connect (Ambush Radio) & Ghostdriver (Radiokombinat Berlin)- 18.00-19.00 GR Time/16.00-17.00 UK Time/World

Tune in & stay tuned!

DJ Dis©connect