Alternative Zone Radio Js

I’d like to introduce you to the ‘Alternative Zone’ Radio Js on Ambush Radio. They are all unique & devoted to their styles. Here they are in random order: Skybaba, DJ SMT, Radiokombinat Berlin, Dr Dubhead & DJ AL Ex.

More details:

Skybaba is a former urbanite that is now living on the islands- he’s been involved with a number of FM stations in the past & has always been popular amongst radio crews & listeners alike. It’s widely known within certain music circles that he collaborated with DJ Dis©connect in a different place & time when both DJs were still on FM. According to stories I’ve heard… it was a great collaboration!  It’s a pleasure to have him in the ‘Alternative Zone’ on Ambush Radio.
His style is a mixture of Electronic, Dub & Ethnic sounds- he never gets influenced by trends or any kind of ‘guidelines’. He’s a real McCoy!

DJ SMT is a teenage DJ from London who’s got her own mind. Her style ranges from Indie to Grunge- she plays the guitar really well & also happens to be great cartoonist.

Radiokombinat Berlin is a Berlin based Radio J collective & in its current formation consists of four Radio Js. Radiokombinat is a popular radio show with indie stations in Berlin & other German cities & is now in the ‘Alternative Zone’ on Ambush Radio.

As Radiokombinat is 20 years old now, I’d like to say… Happy Birthday Radiokombinat!  (The text’s in German- use Google Translate if you get stuck)

Dr Dubhead– you can tell by the description… he’s a Dubhead from Berlin. He’s also a great musician & an artist & happens to be a friend of mine. Currently, Dubhead is simultaneously a member of Radiokombinat Berlin under a different DJ name.

DJ AL Ex– call him a seeker. DJ AL Ex likes diving into the roots & history of certain musical styles & he’s very good at it. Up till now he’s done two Funky productions about ‘Go Go’ & New Orleans funk, dedications on Prince & Bowie with rare stuff from both artists & a trip to India with ‘Bollywood Funk’ & ‘Crazy Music from India’. The latter has to do with the impact the 60s had on domestic Indian music- no need to tell you that he’s a friend of mine as well.

DJ Dis©connect- unlike other people & contrary to current trends…  I don’t like talking about myself- I’ll get someone else to describe me at some point.
Anyway, all I can say is that I’ve been involved with the radio (FM) since I was a teenager & here’s what I’m doing right now: currently, my main program is called ‘Dis©konnection. It’s a two hour Urban mix of Dub, Garage Rock, Punk, Indie, Hip-Hop and Electronic & it’s hosted on Ambush Radio in the ‘Alternative Zone’ aka ‘Weekend Zone’. I’m also responsible for ‘Random Drops’ & ‘Soul Asylum’ both hosted on Ambush as well’

Finally, I’d like to say thanks to George Tsokos who came up with the idea to start Ambush Radio Anna Maria Krause for doing a lot of work behind the scenes- put some beer in the fridge guys cos… if everything goes well, you’re going to see me soon 🙂

DJ Dis©konnect


London Venues

London Town is known for its Venues- in this section I’ll be randomly publishing information about the ones I class as important.

I’m going to start with the Electric Ballroom an iconic venue in Camden Town which has been around for 73 years!- most people take a photo of the front of Venues but I took a photo of the back because it projects this amazing vintage feel.

Click on the Electric Ballroom link if you want to know more about it.

DJ Dis©konnect